Improving Water Efficiency and Safety in Living Areas

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The current rate of growth of the population in cities together with climate change effects require the optimization of natural resources usage. The intelligent use of water in smart cities, or “smart water”, implies engagement and involvement from the water utilities and from the demand side or end-users.
The proposed experiment aims to develop and implement a demand-side cyber-physical system (CPS) to optimize the water consumption efficiency and safety in living areas.

CPSELabs Consortium

Three Locations

10 months

4 partners


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Water Hardware Information Sources & Sinks

In order to carry out the monitoring and control actions of the CPS, each one of the facilities employed for the experiment will be dotted with water meters and presence sensors, as information sources; as well as electrovalve actuators to obtain control over the water network.

Sofia2 Middleware Platform Based

SOFIA2 is a middleware that allows the interoperability of multiple systems and devices, offering a semantic platform to make real world information available to smart applications (Internet of Things).

Big Data & Streaming
Analytics Services

An autonomous multivariate monitoring of the streaming data will allow the system detect patterns and anomalies and spot predictive alerts for user an operators. Additionally it will provide real-time user profiling which will allow segmenting usage patterns and identifying the different water usage based on users, days, etc

living area water efficiency
and safety application

The living area water efficiency and safety app will alert the facilities management staff about abnormal water usage detected and will provide the option of acting over the supply network using the actuators. The application will also provide the option to allow automatic actuation on the network based on certain rules defined by the user.

Objective of IWESLA

develop and test a demand-side water CPS for water efficiency and safety in living areas.

Citizen awareness

It will provide up-to-date information and indicators on the disaggregated water usage in the facilities monitored in order to create awareness on efficiency and potential improvements


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